Structural Carpentry

Structural carpentry is a rough form of carpentry, but one that is absolutely essential to guaranteeing a high quality finished product. Proper structure is all about the basics. If you get them right from the outset then everything else falls into place. A poorly designed and constructed base will cause countless headaches further down the track. Top Knot Carpentry & Joinery will help you avoid such headaches and can guarantee a frame and structure to last the test of time.

Carpentry is not about hacking and slashing at wood, it is the art of manipulating wood into detailed, quality designs. Structural carpentry components such as beams, posts and rafters come together to form framing and roofing that are the foundations of any good home or building. Our carpenters have over thirty years of combined experience and put that knowledge to work by delivering superior results. We don’t just settle for the minimum required standards; we shoot past them and produce the highest quality, superior work available.

At Top Knot Carpentry & Joinery we pride ourselves on meeting tight deadlines and collaborating with our customers to make their vision a reality. If you would like to discuss our structural carpentry options and find out how we can take your home or office to the next level, call us today on 0415 035 780.

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