Top knot carpentry

Career Opportunities

Top Knot offers a range of opportunities for project managers, estimators, carpenters, cabinet makers and joiners to further their careers within our dynamic and steadily growing company.

Why build a career with Top Knot


Work on diverse projects across Australia

Top Knot takes on the most creative and diverse projects in Australia, no day is ever the same for any of our employees.


Safe Working Environment

Health and safety will always be the key factor in our work. Staff’s happiness and wellbeing in the work place is a key measure of our success.


Employee Input

We focus on a two way communication strategy. We believe that innovation & change is necessary to be at the forefront of our industry. There are always opportunities for employees to discuss how we can change our systems for a more efficient and effective work place.


Fair Remuneration

To maintain our reputation of high quality craftsmanship we require the most highly skilled team members. For us to acquire these people we need to offer a very appealing work place and the highest remuneration in our industry.


Team Work

We consistently look for team players to join Top Knot Carpentry & Joinery. We believe that everyone involved in a project must communicate and work together.


Growing Company

This is a fantastic time to join Top Knot, as we grow in size we also move into new states which allows us to take on larger projects. Our controlled growth strategy allows us to develop and support our staff and maintain the highest quality standards.


Keep in Touch

We look forward to being of assistance.